Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's all about the Arab-Israeli Conflict, stupid!

One might conclude that all of the reporting and analysis from media, pundits, Jewish Organizations, and Hagel and his “explainers/defenders” has as many different faces as all of the sidelets on all of the cubelets on a Rubik’s cube. But they all share a common core misconception. All of these people buy into/promote the false narrative of a “Palestinian-Israeli Conflict”  with Israel as Goliath and “Palestinians” as David. It is and ALWAYS has been an Arab-Israeli Conflict. That Israel has been a miracle of agriculture, science, self defense, and democracy doesn’t alter the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Israel is David., and the giant Goliath has grown like Jack’s bean stalk.

It is, and ALWAYS has been, about genocidal anti-Semitism. That some Israeli’s …citizens, government representatives, and IDF officers … buy into the PIC fable doesn’t make it so. And all of the liquefied dinosaurs under the Earth’s surface don’t either. Here’s the test question. If all Jews left Israel, would 15 million Jews who so far have survived several thousand years of genocidal anti-Semitism be then free from genocidal anti-Semites? Here’s another … If the “Palestinians” had every speck of Israel’s land, would the Islamists and Islamist terrorists put an end to their march from one believer to 1.5 billion believers to convert all non-believers? Those who continue to be distracted by the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict will never solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict., and in the end will have blood on their hands.


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